Well 2015 is General Election year! Anyone voting or have any faith in any political party?

Dek – I’m probably voting Labour, mainly as the least shit option we have and to hopefully get the scum bag Tories out.

I miss the old style Socialist Labour party, but even that got corrupted, it’s sad that we have so few good options, the Greens have no chance of even keeping their deposit where I live let alone beating the Tories. So in answer to your question, little faith in any of them, so voting for the ones who’ll do least damage (I hope) to the poor and vulnerable.

On our new album is a song called Life is Politics, which is about people using their vote, even if it’s to just make sure scumbags from the BNP or UKIP, or Tories don’t get elected, it’s about politics being about everyday life, but politicians wanting to make is sound boring and nothing to do with normal people. Politics is about everyday things, that have to do with each and every one of us. But that’s just my opinion, I can see why people are apathetic when our politicians are so pathetic!

Mez - yeah labour for me too as a case of the best of a bad bunch. Our Condemnation hasn't  made our Britain Great like they said they were going too. No surprise there though eh? It is important to use that vote. People fought long and hard for that right.

Richie – I will vote labour because I work in the automotive industry, although I feel that not one party seem to represent the working population anymore. The whole world is run by people that do not represent the people! It would be nice to see that change.

Tony – I am really struggling with who to vote for. Labour is full of deceitful, dishonest public school toffs just like the tories, and I hate the concept of voting for the lesser evil just to get someone who is still going to shaft me, but in new and imaginative ways. I will vote, but the jury is out at the moment.

Anything to add?     

Dek - Spirit Bomb came together really quickly like it was meant to be. I posted something on my fb page saying I was thinking of doing a side project and within a couple of hours I had this line up sorted. I knew everyone and knew they were who I wanted to play with, so I spent longer telling people I already got a band together, thanks but no thanks!

Last thing – support your local scene, give bands you’ve never heard of a chance, and get involved, it’s more fun than watching TV!

Mez- yeah. I hope you all have a listen to the album later this year. I hope something connects with you during listening to it and you get into it. If you see us playing in a venue near you, come and have a chat. I love meeting new people. I hope Spirit Bomb continues to grow and we can get to 'go the distance', wherever that may take us.

Richie – Spirit Bomb works really well, the rest of the lads are great guys, a real pleasure to work with. We also have support from Marina who lives in Berlin, she designed our logo and artwork for the EP, and put some backing vocals on our recordings. We have just released our first video “You Can’t Eat Money” on YouTube with thanks to Abel for making that happen, he is talented guy, I’m sure you’ve all seen the DFE videos he has made in the past. Thanks to Simon Reeves for making the shit smell nice on our EP & Album.

Tony- yeah.Don’t go last when filling these things in as the guys have said everything I would have said but I don’t wish to be repetitive.

It would be an understatement for me to say that the six blistering tracks on your ‘Killer in your Stereo’ CD have hardly been off my stereo since last years Rebellion! Which leads me to ask who is responsible for the bands lyrics, what do you prefer to write about and are there any strong political views in the band?

Dek – me and Mez the singer write our lyrics, though Marina came up with the chorus “Take Change as a Chance” on our new song Change, just from a conversation we were having and she said that and I thought that would be a great idea for a song, and it was!

I have strong political views, but tend to write those songs in the Drongos, I wanted to try something different with Spirit Bomb, and we’ve done that, Rock ‘n’ Roll with a punk rock soul! I enjoyed writing some of those relationship songs, made a change for me.

Mez wrote our anti war song War Machine, and I love the lyrics to that.

Mez- Yeah I write a few lyrics here and there. I'm very much influenced by what I see and read. Life is politics. I would say I'm more of a social commentator really. There are some issues out there that can't and shouldn't be avoided let's face it. In bands of old we used to have an unwritten rule that we didn't write about relationships coz all the bands around us were doing it and we wanted to be different. That is something I have tried to carry with me. That said we have got a few songs about relationships in this band, though I like to think they are still played with some attitude and swagger, you won't catch me snivelling and whining too much on them!!

Richie – It’s best I leave the lyric writing to Mez and Dek, I wouldn’t want to burden Mez with my lyric writing!

Should a Punk band still have anything to say in 2015 and what do you all think are the essential ingredients in a band?

Dek - I’d like to think so, I’ve seen so many great new younger bands these last couple of years which is heartening. In Brum we have Brassick and Angry Itch, there’s SHOT, Jackal, and Blatoidea, from London, Headstone Horrors are really great, and I love IN Evil Hour they’re totally fantastic live. So if the punk scene was just old bands on a nostalgia circuit then it would be dead as far as I’m concerned because in my view as I wrote in “Only now is real” – Nostalgia is a poison.  If the Drongos weren’t writing new songs all the time I wouldn’t bother, my ego doesn’t need to be on stage playing old songs or covers, I do this because it’s what I do, the point is being creative, it satisfies me and regardless if anyone notices, the act of creativity is enough to make me happy.

Punk Rock should always have something to say, so even though Spirit Bomb isn’t an out and out political band we have something to say, social comment and we care about the World we live in – check out the song “You can’t eat Money”.

I know a lot of old bands are doing the rounds cos they probably need the money or it’s their last hurrah, but you can tell if they have any venom left, it shows.

I’ll know when it’s time for me to give up, but I’m still kicking and screaming with the best of em!

Mez- Yeah course. There is always gonna be something to kick against, something that gets under your skin. If the lyrics were mindless and not worth saying I wouldn't sing them. You have to deliver lyrics in a way that makes people listen. You genuinely have to believe in them, otherwise people will see straight through you. You can't just go through the motions. It's meant to be a performance, a statement of intent. The day the passion goes is the day I will jack it in, but just like Dek has said, there's still a fire burning in there. The four of us in the band work well together as a unit. Nothing helps to get a band to know each other better than starting off together in that cold, cramped rehearsal room? You get to learn a lot about each other in those early days and that's real important. I'm sure there will be some times ahead that will test our resolve but I feel what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

Richie– There are still the same troubles in the world that there have always been, so there is still plenty for a band to have an opinion, and something they stand for. We’re not overly political, but we just write songs that have meaning to us and are written from the heart. The essential ingredients for Spirit Bomb is that all four of us have an opinion on how our songs turn out, and all have a say in the direction we’re heading.

Tony– Punk still has something to say. The danger however is that some songs with a political slant don’t stand the test of time. Keep it current, keep it relevant, and when it’s not, bin the song and write something new.  

Is it easy for Spirit Bomb to get together, practice and work on new songs?

Dek – Yes not too bad, we don’t practice as much as DFE, because DFE are gigging all the time and have our own rehearsal room we share with GBH. Also Richie works shifts, so some weeks he’s on nights, but we practice about 2 or 3 times a month, more when we were writing our album or if we have a gig. But we record new songs and send em to each other via e mail as MP3’s and we get to know the songs like that too, and it’s worked for us so far. We work well together which is something that happened from our first practice when we came away with 2 or 3 songs straight off the ball.

Mez - The MP3 recorder was the best bit of kit that was ever bought with band earnings. It's like having an extra rehearsal or so a week because your constantly listening to what you were doing and you can work on new things more efficiently, even when your stuck in traffic on the M6( I get a lot of funny looks on the way to work!). We have some ideas that come together real quick and some that take a bit more time, like most other bands I'm sure.

Richie - The MP3 recorder has been essential in our song writing, it is a great tool. It’s fairly easy for us to get together but I work shifts, so that’s where the MP3 recorder comes in. We can miss a week or two but because Mez sends the recordings to Me, Dek & Tony we can all do our homework and turn up at rehearsal like we haven’t had a gap in rehearsals.

Tony – I shouldn’t be doing homework at my age !. However, it works and we write most of our stuff as homework, and for us, it works well.    

I know you have a new album on its way out – what can the massed battalions of Suspect Device’s faithful following expect?

Dek – Good songs, with good chorus’s, great backing vocals, good playing, lots of power with no over blown heavy metal guitar solos, (my pet hate!) But not just your bog standard punk subject matter either, we write songs for the broken hearted too! HA HA! We write about not giving up, the music scene in our new song called “Listen”, we wrote about drugs in “Snowbirds don’t fly”, I’ve lost a few mates to drugs, alcohol abuse, or suicide through depression. We have relationships songs, “Achilles Heel and Laurie” Laurie will surprise a lot of people and has a gigantic chorus!

Mez- there's something different in each track. A different subject matter in most of the songs. No two of them sound the same from where I'm sitting. Theres some quick ones, some stompers, some melody driven numbers. We worked hard on this with Simon Reeves at Framework Studios in Digbeth. He was great. Worked well with him last time too. The thing is by the time everything is pressed, we will have a load more new ones that will need recording, but that's a good place to be at creatively.

Richie – The new stuff is so diverse, we’re still a relatively new band so we’re still finding our feet. The four of us work so well together that the songs keep coming thick and fast. We’ve already started writing the next one already!

I hope people enjoy the new stuff we’ve created and give as much good feedback as we’ve had from our EP, we’ve had some really positive magazine/online reviews and we hope we can keep that up.

How do the band get on for gigs? Easy to come by, or quite hard? Any stand out gigs so far?

Dek – We do ok, we got asked to play Rebellion off the strength of our first ep and we hadn’t played a gig by then. We do ok, get asked to play a lot, and we try to fit it in with our other commitments, be it family or our other bands.

But we’ve been offered gigs in Berlin already, and got to play out of town, and are playing Rebellion again this year, so all good.

Plus we put our own gigs on here in Birmingham, we really are DIY, we also put our records out on our own label  “Killer in your stereo records”.

Mez - We do alright. No complaints so far at all. I'm sure we will be busier this year than we were last year. We have always been well looked after at gigs out of town so far which is a credit to all those Likeminded individuals across the country, whom without, many of us would not have the great opportunities to play to crowds willing to listen.

Richie – We don’t gig too often because of Dek & Tony’s commitments in their other bands, Mez and myself have young kids at home so the balance is just right for us all.

We have some great gigs lined up for this year already and we can’t wait to get out and play, we have met some great people along the way too, Punk is definitely a family.

Tony – what they said.

Looking into the future – Do the band have any big plans and if each member of the band had one wish for Spirit Bomb what would it be and why? 

Dek – well, punk rock is a way of life for me,  been doing it since I was 16 and I’m 56 this year, so I don’t plan too far ahead and hope to keep being creative, having fun, playing gigs and going to play in far off places. I hope Spirit Bomb get to make lots of great music and play all over the World and get to make as many great friends as the Drongos have.

Mez- I would like to keep getting round the country, continue to meet great people that become great friends. I want our songwriting to continue to push the boundaries and keep getting better and better. I can see a positive progression in what was on the first EP to where we are at approximately one year later. That has to continue to evolve.

Richie – The plans are to get around a bit more than we have, and hopefully build up some more interest before Rebellion 2015, there are a lot of great bands at that show so we want to be able to stick out and people come and see us play.

Tony – as I filled this in last, the guys have covered it .

Are there any Vegetarians or Vegans in the band, anyone putting on DIY Punk gigs – or is it just a good old straight forward Punk Rock life outside of Spirit Bomb (Whatever that is!)?

Dek – I’m not either, I grew up one of six kids in a pretty low income family, so meat was only for special occasions when I was young, but I like it now, wish I didn’t but I do.

However, when the Drongos are on tour in Europe we usually get fed vegetarian food and I go with it, it’s ok but not inspiring! I sustain myself with beer!

Mez - no I'm neither either. Dek puts on our gigs and does a great job with it too. We are lucky to have the support of a great venue in Brum called the Wagon and Horses for this to happen. Dek has put on some cracking line ups for us to play with over the last year including bands such as Pasty Stone (Berlin), Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions, Fukdust4, Army of Skanks, Angry Itch, The Nerks, Smut Rakra Complete Dysfunction. All bands and artists that are very different but together created great shows. In the summer we have got Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions coming back as well as Choking Susan from the US.

Richie – I am neither; I sometimes wish I was vegetarian when I see how our food is produced and messed about with! But they fuck with our vegetables too!

Tony – All our food is messed with beyond belief to feed an otherwise unsustainable population. I mostly order vegetarian food though as it’s always tastier!